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Hoss's and Marzoni's are proud to announce that we are going Green with our payroll. We entered into a partnership with ADP and are using the ADP Aline Pay Card for our employees who do not sign up for Direct Deposit.  

Aline CardThe ADP Aline Pay Card looks and works very similar to a Bank Card.  Instead of receiving a paper pay check, monies that you earn will be loaded onto your Pay Card with each payroll.  You will be able to draw monies off your card at participating ATMs or use the card just like a Bank Card when paying for purchases.  Pay Card rules do apply, and there will be service fees if you use out of network ATMs. 

Employees, especially servers, who currently have a Checking or Savings Bank Account are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit.  Click here to print a Direct Deposit Form.  Simply give the completed Direct Deposit form to your manager and ask them to email it to our Payroll Manager, Dawn Black. 

Employees who currently do not have a Bank Account may want to look into setting up a Checking Account with PSECU.  This Credit Union has been a partner with Hoss's for many years.  They offer a great program which is free of many costs.  PSECU also offers a special program for new accounts.  For more information, click here.

Employees who elect the ADP Aline Pay Card option will be issued an ADP Aline Pay Card by their manager when they pick up their pay.  Please, after receiving this card, keep it in a safe and secure place.  Your pay and all your future pays will be loaded to this card.  ADP does charge for replacement cards. 

Current Hoss's/Marzoni's employees may choose to have all or a portion of their pay on the Aline Pay Card. Click here for an enrollment form.

Your Aline Pay Card must be activated before use.  To activate your card, visit http://www.mycard.adp.com or call Cardholder Services at 877-237-4321.

Below are some helpful tips/information regarding ADP Aline Pay Cards: