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Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K |Happy Retirement, Bob Pleva! | 2016 Leadership Blair County | District 5 Input/Feedback Meeting | Relay Breakfast 2016 | 2016 Hoss Graduates | Don Imler Named HR Professional of the Year | Mother's Day 2016 | Fire Company Helps DuBois With Spring Clean-Up | Erie's Heartfelt Mother's Day Idea | The Perfect Prom Request | Andrew Zeller Signs With Detroit Lions | DuBois Raises Funds To Help Family | Eaglefest Celebration | Hoss Hero - Connie Beamer | Greensburg Manager Wins Prestigious Award | Manager of the Year 2015 Finalists | Hoss Hero - June Powers | Eagle Leaders of the Year 2015 | Store Eagle Leaders Of The Year 2015 | Two Local Children Win Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest | Somerset Server Gets Full College Scholarship | Hoss Hero - Cyrus Notestine | Eaglefest Years of Service Recipients 2015 | Shamokin Dam Honors Shirley Mull | Eagle Leaders Recognized | West York Ugly Sweater Contest | Carol Myers Retires | Couple Celebrates 62nd Anniversary at Mechanicsburg Hoss's | Brittany Rife, Hoss Hero | Campbell University Class #1 Graduates | Farewell Party For Trevor McCrady | Duncansville Hosser Named 2015 Runner of the Year | Erie Celebrates Special Guest's Birthday | Marzoni's Heroes | Lobsterfest For MS 2015 | Anniversary Couple Dines At Huntingdon | District 1 Softball Tournament | St. Marys Hosser Raises Funds For Alzheimer's | Hosser Returns From Military Tour | Gettysburg Hossers Are State Softball Champs | Hoss U Class #89 Graduates | Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K | Annville Team Participates In The Gretna Gritty 5K Mud Run | "Mother's Day Monday" Moms | Hoss U Class 88 Graduates | Bedford Celebrates! | Wellness Family Feud | Hoss Hero - Lori Weaver, Gettysburg | Happy Valentine's Day From Cressona | Congratulations, Carol "Pinky" Donahue! | Lab Rescue | Carol Saxton To Retire | Home Office Hossers Participate in Turkey Trot | Veteran's Day At Chambersburg | Grove City Creation | Carl Raup Completes Baltimore Marathon | Hoss U Class #87 Graduates | Hoss Hero - Lindsay Truesdale | St. Marys Crew Enjoys Treat For Charity | Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K Muddy Run | Hoss’s Wellness Challenge – The Biggest Loser | Lewistown's Unsung Hero, Carli Boreman | #21-Belle Vernon Hoss Heroes | Steve McIlveen Runs 5K | Huntingdon Welcomes Mark Shreffler | Home Office Hossers Participate in 5K/Walk | Districts 3 & 4 Input/Feedback Meeting | Hossome Runners! | #31-Lewistown Crew - Prom | Ashlynn Soellner, US Naval Officer | Hoss's Team Runs 5K | Bedford Crew Helps Julie Celebrate! | Lewistown Attends Kid Connection | Celebrity Visits Martinsburg | Bedford Employee Utilizes Safety Gear | Bill Glacken - Hoss Hero | Lewistown Hoss's Raises Funds for Juniata Terrace Fire Victims | Districts 2 & 5 Input/Feedback Meeting

Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K

Below is Cranberry General Manager, Jeff Stephenson, finishing a 5K run for a fallen police officer in his area. He has run this race almost every year they have held it. This year, it was 90 days after knee replacement surgery! The 27.57 is his time (the other time is from another race that day). He finished 4th in his age group!

Jeff Stephenson

Happy Retirement, Bob Pleva!

Later this month, Bob Pleva, Vice President of Operations, will be retiring. Thank you, Bob, for 44 HOSSome years!

Bob Pleva Retirement

2016 Leadership Blair County
by Jim Fogle, QA Manager at HFX

Jim Fogle LBCI just graduated! Wow, that’s funny to say at my age but true. I graduated on June 9th with 23 other classmates from the 2016 Leadership of Blair County. This program, which is run by Blair County Chamber of Commerce, is a 10-month program where we met as a class once a month at different business locations and learn about the economics, justice, business, social, history and many other attributes of Blair County.

We had a retreat, homework and many, many mini projects and volunteering throughout the year and we also had large class project. For our class project, we helped a teen center called “The Beacon” in Altoona that needed some upgrades to their building and supplies. With a lot of hard work and fundraising we were able to raise over $40,000 to help The Beacon.

It was great to be a part of LBC making new friends, learning new things about the county that we live in and taking on a project that will help support and feed kids in our community that need help. Thanks to Hoss’s for the support and opportunity to be a part of Leadership of Blair County!

District 5 Input/Feedback Meeting

A District 5 Input/Feedback Meeting was held on July 13 at Hummelstown Hoss's.

Those in attendance were: Bedford - Cindy Otto and Tracy Baumgardner; Mechanicsburg - Meagan O’Leary and Amy Clark; Carlisle - Jesse Ramirez and Lilly Wicks-Forman; Huntingdon - Rebecca Diggins and Michael Giordano; Hummelstown - Matt Crawford and Jenna Armstrong; Lewistown - Derrick Evans and Nate Baumgardner; Enola - Cindi Ward and Kate Walls; Home Office - Rob Billet, Tami Chadick, Bob Pleva, and Phil Sukenik.

District 5 Input/Feedback Meeting

Relay For Life Breakfast
by Pam Weakland

The definition of Community is: Self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. This is truly what the Blair County Relay for Life is about. A wonderful group of people that organize, plan, and raise money for a cause, the fight against Cancer, that has effected so many of us and hopefully will soon have a cure. Community is also about coming together to serve, share, and have fun, and that is also what the relay is about. Activities and a 24-hour walk to show the support for this cause.

Relay Breakfast

Hoss’s has also been a huge part of this community for the last 16 years. Volunteers that show up every year and cook a delicious, hot breakfast for all the walkers that have camped there all night. It is greatly appreciated by all. All the Volunteers receive a huge thank you and cheer from the walkers and me!! I would like to thank everyone on that team that rise at dawn to come and help make it all happen: Bill Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Bill Bratton, Bob Pleva, Carl Swope, Sandy Swope, Jim Fogle and family, Dawn Baier, Becky Moorehead, HBS, Mark Spinazzola, Tim Schmuck, Dave Decker, and Pam Weakland.

Relay Breakfast

2016 Hoss Graduates

We would like to extend a special congratulations to all of our high school and college graduates in Hossland! You should all be very proud of your accomplishments!

Click here to see a listing of graduates submitted by our stores.

Don Imler Named HR Professional of the Year

On May 18, 2016, Don Imler was named HR Professional of the Year! The HR Professional of the Year award is an award recognizing service for the Blair County HR Organization and contributions to the Human Resources Profession.

The Human Resources Professional of the Year Award is intended to recognize an individual who exemplifies the highest standards of the human resources profession.  The successful candidate is someone who serves as a role model for the profession, who is a leader that sets standards for others, and who applies his/her expertise outside his/her own organization.

Below is information from the award presentation to Don:

The Human Resource Management Association of Blair County is pleased to announce that this year’s winner of HR Professional of the year is Don Imler, Director of Human Resources at Hoss’s Family Steak and Sea House.

Don Imler

Don has been employed at Hoss’s since 1986 in various management-related positions, and has been an HR Professional since 1994.  He has an extensive background in compensation management, 401K and ESOP management, recruitment, retention, management development, policy development, and compliance.  He also has a strong background in safety and risk management.  He is a member of the American Payroll Association and is certified and teaches both CPR and ServSafe.

Don has earned his PHR and SHRM-CP.  In our chapter, he has held the position of Program Director, Treasurer, Vice President/Secretary, President and Ex-Oficio.  During his tenure on the Executive Board,  Don focused on documenting processes and procedures for each position, creating manuals and checklists to keep the board and chapter compliant and effective, and has done a terrific job in training and supporting the Executive Members who have come on to the board behind him.    His legacy on the board is strong, and we still miss him terribly!  He has also served as Past Chair of the Blair County Chamber Safety and Risk Committee.

After five years of volunteer service to our local chapter, Don is now the current Treasurer of the PA SHRM State Council, and has been instrumental in the success of recent state-level conferences as well.

Don lives in Hollidaysburg, and his hobbies outside of HR include working around his house, spending time with his wife Nancy, daughter Danielle, and especially with his grandson, Atticus, and anything Corvette-related.  He is the current Treasurer and a Past President of the Altoona Corvette Club.

Everyone who has had the opportunity to work with Don - either through Hoss’s, our Chapter, or other organizations he has been part of - know that Don is extremely hardworking, dedicated, detail-conscious, and friendly.  He truly represents the SHRM mission, which is to serve the HR Professional and advance and lead the HR Profession.

Congratulations, Don!

Mother's Day 2016

Some of our locations held special drawings for Mother's Day. See some our lucky Moms below!


Edith Guyer won this beautiful rocking chair!

Bedford Mother's Day Winner


Deborah Sebock was the winner of a Mother's Day Spa Basket!

Cressona Winner

Fire Company Helps DuBois With Spring Clean-Up

Below are some photos of Gordon Weaver and members of the Goodwill Fire Company cleaning our parking lot. 

Gordon has been a member for 11 years and currently holds the rank of Lieutenant.  We are thankful for his help in cleaning our lot, as well as him being a key cook in our kitchen.

DuBois Fire Co
DuBois Fire Co

Erie's Heartfelt Mother's Day Idea
by Ashley Hayes, Assistant Manager

Mom ButtonsI wanted to share with you an idea we had for all of our crew Moms who worked on Mother's Day. We used pictures of each Mom's kids and made a button out of them using our name tag buttons for each Mom to wear. (I included a picture of mine.)

We surprised all of our crew Moms with these, and even had a few in tears!

Hope you all had a nice Mother's Day!!

The Perfect Prom Request

Austin Bussard (Dish) and Kelia Foor (Salad Bar) from Bedford Hoss’s came up with a perfect way to ask off work to go to the prom!  Who could say “no” to this?

Prom Request

Andrew Zeller Signs With Detroit Lions

Andrew Zeller, former cook who worked for us for several years in East York, signed this weekend with the Detroit Lions! He played at the University of Maryland.

His older brother, Tyler (Eagle Leader of the Year for East York 2014), worked for us for several years, and his younger brother, Dustin, currently works in East York. 

Click here for the article. Congratulations, Andrew!

DuBois Raises Funds To Help Family
by Kelly Divins

No One Fights AloneCancer is a disease that does not discriminate.  A few months ago a young, beautiful 18-year-old relative of one of our long-time employees, Lisa Farrell, was diagnosed with bone cancer.  She has to endure many, many weeks and surgery in Pittsburgh.  Not only does her family have to endure the pain of having a loved one go through this, but the hardship that all the time traveling back and forth to Pittsburgh doctor appointments and travel expenses weighs heavily on the family also.

DuBois FundraiserHere in DuBois, we all pull together to help where is needed, so we were ready to help this family as soon as we could.  Along with having a Hoss's Community Day, we wanted to do as much as possible.  The plan was to hold a basket raffle, bake sale, and join the school district to help sell NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE t-shirts.

Along with Hoss's generous donation from the Community Day program, many, many people, local businesses, near and far, and all the volunteer bakers and helpers from within the Dubois Hoss's, we were able to raise  $5,838!!!!  That total includes money from the basket raffles, bake sale, t-shirt sales, and Community Day contribution.
I know the family is forever grateful for the help and support, and they can concentrate more on healing than on money issues for the time being.

DuBois FundraiserThe list is long of people we would like to thank:  Hoss's for having the Community Day program and also for a generous donation of a beautiful basket; all the employees here in Dubois that volunteered time and energy to help pull this off; Chip Gapshes for answering any questions and encouragement; the many, many businesses and people of this community that took the time to donate items, and that supported us by coming into dine on April 17.  Thank you all once again!

Eaglefest Celebration

Our 9th Annual Eaglefest Celebration was held on Saturday, April 9, 2016.  Eaglefest is a celebration of those high flying individuals who soar daily to new heights at Hoss’s through their enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion for others.  Congratulations to all of our 2015 honorees!


June Powers - DuBois; Cyrus Notestine - Lewistown; Brittany Rife - Hanover; Kayla Filingo - Scranton Marzoni’s; Adaria Lingham - Scranton Marzoni’s; Jackie Wheeler - Scranton Marzoni’s


Andy Gibbs - Hanover; Steve Stouffer - Elizabethtown; Deb Lehman - Annville; Katie Kincade - Greensburg


Huntingdon - Mark Shreffler; Honorable Mention: Indiana - Joe Hirsch


Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Gail Fairman - DuBois; Jay Petrou - Bedford; Deb Lehman - Annville; Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon; John Tomlinson - West York


Gail Fairman - DuBois; Eve Campbell - Greenwood Marzoni’s; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Jay Petrou - Bedford


Cyrus Notestine - Lewistown; Deb Lehman & Michelle White - Annville; Christy Steele - St. Marys; Craig Caravella - Meadville; Michaelle Crawford - Murrysville; John Tomlinson - West York


Cyrus Notestine - Lewistown; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Jason Lehman - State College; Eve Campbell - Greenwood Marzoni’s; Craig Caravella - Meadville


Click here for a list of the Years of Service Honorees.


Click the links below to learn more about each recipient.

District 1 - Mark Milburn - Gettysburg
District 2 - Shirley Mull - Shamokin Dam
District 3 - James Weaver - State College
District 4 - Mary Beth Kreger - Erie
District 5 - Maggie Oldham - Bedford
Marzoni’s - Eugene Lizardi - Selinsgrove
Hoss's Central Processing - Ernie Wilt


Joe Hirsch - Indiana; John Tomlinson - West York

Manager of the Year 2015 - Joe Hirsch


TVs: Dan Mutter – HCP (20 Years’ Service); Jim Perry – Grove City (20 Years’ Service); Gail Fairman – DuBois (10 Years’ Service); Eve Campbell – Duncansville Marzoni’s (10 Years’ Service)

iPads: Allen Hainsey – Home Office (20 Years’ Service); Carol Donahue – DuBois (30 Years’ Service); Larry Swartz – Lewistown (10 Years’ Service)

Trip: One week’s paid vacation, $500 cash, and accommodations to Hoss’s Ocean Isle, NC, Condo, or to Hoss’s Bonita Springs, FL, Hossienda: Connie McMunn – Cranberry (20 Years’ Service)

Click here for pictures from the event!

Hoss Hero - Connie Beamer
by Fred Fuess, General Manager

Connie BeamerOn 3/13/16, during a busy Sunday lunch, long-time server at Williamsport, Connie Beamer, observed a guest performing the Heimlich Maneuver on an elderly gentleman. Connie quickly noticed that the son was unsuccessful in clearing his 97-year-old Father’s airway.

Connie immediately took charge of the situation and successfully performed the Heimlich on the man. The gentleman and his family were very appreciative and promised to come back soon. When we checked on him the next day he said he was fine, just a little sore, but very happy with Hoss’s.

This is the second time Connie has jumped in to save a guest's life. She is truly our Hoss Hero.

Greensburg Manager Wins Prestigious Award

Katie Kincade, Hourly Manager at Greensburg Hoss's, recently received the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association’s 2015 Future of the Industry Award! Click here to read all about it!

Congratulations, Katie!

Manager of the Year 2015 Finalists

Congratulations to the following General Manager of the Year 2015 Finalists. Each individual will be honored at our Eaglefest Celebration at Huntingdon Country Club on Saturday, April 9, 2016.

John Tomlinson
Joe Hirsch
John Tomlinson
#34-York West
Joe Hirsch

Hoss Hero - June Powers

June PowersA special thank you to June Powers, server at DuBois Hoss's, for helping a guest in need.

The following is her account of what happened:

I was working over lunch shift, cleaning up my zone, and was just about done for the day.  I overheard my co-worker Jan asking her guest if he was choking.  I didn’t think twice about running over to help him immediately. He was handicapped and sitting in a booth, which made it very difficult for me to get the proper angle to help him.  I had to pull him out of the booth and get him on his feet to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.

I could not get my arms around the man completely, but I still proceeded to try the best I could.  I needed help from someone with longer arms to be able to reach around the man.  I was shouting for help when a gentleman in a nearby booth came to assist me.  I held the victim up while the other man got his arms around him so that he could perform the Heimlich.

It took us about five tries to successfully save his life. All I could think about was saving his life, and it has been very humbling to know that I was able to help someone. 

Eagle Leaders of the Year 2015

Congratulations to the following Eagle Leaders of the Year 2015. Each individual will be honored at our Eaglefest Celebration on Saturday, April 9, 2016, at Huntingdon Country Club.

We would also like to extend a special congratulations and thank you to all of our Eagle Leaders who were honored at our luncheons. We are very proud to have such an elite group of individuals as part of the Hoss Team.

Mark Milburn
Shirley Mull
James Weaver
Mark Milburn
District 1
Shirley Mull
Shamokin Dam
District 2
James Weaver
State College
District 3

Mary Beth Kreger
Maggie Oldham
Mary Beth Kreger
District 4
Maggie Oldham
District 5

Eugene Lizardi
Ernie Wilt
Eugene Lizardi
Ernie Wilt
Hoss's Central Processing

Store Eagle Leaders Of The Year 2015

Hoss's Eagle NationThe Eagle Leaders Of The Year were honored at the Annual Eagle Leader Luncheons held during the month of January. Congratulations to each of these individuals for achieving this prestigious award!

Click here to see pictures of all the honorees.


Two Local Children Win Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest

Son of DeAnna Oakes (Accounting Specialist at HBS), Jeremiah Oakes, and fellow Claysburg-Kimmel sixth grader, Logan Brehm, won the 2016 National Red Ribbon Week Theme contest!

Click here to see the poster and read more about it.

Click here to see coverage on WTAJ-TV news!

Somerset Server Gets Full College Scholarship

Somerset soccer standout, Lexy Pucci, announced she will continue her career at Robert Morris University on Wednesday, February 3, during National Letter of Intent signing day.

Lexy is a server at our Somerset location. Below Lexy is pictured with her parents and soccer coaches in the back row.

Lexy Pucci

Hoss Hero - Cyrus Notestine

Cyrus NotestineOn January 31, 2016, Cyrus Notestine, General Manager at Lewistown Hoss's, performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking guest.

Fortunately, the guest recovered and all ended well! Thank you, Cyrus, for helping a guest in need!

Eaglefest Years of Service Recipients 2015

Below is a list of Years of Service Honorees. This list includes employees who have achieved 10, 20, 30, or 40 years of service between April 1, 2015, and March 31, 2016.

Home Office

30-Year Recipients: 

Home Office – John Brown, Billie Jo Walls

20-Year Recipient:

Home Office – Allen Hainsey

Hoss's Building Services

40-Year Recipient:

Hoss’s Building Services – Bill Bratton

Central Processing

30-Year Recipient:

Central Processing – Daniel Plummer

20-Year Recipients: 

Central Processing – Adam Clemens, Brian Morrissey, Daniel Mutter

10-Year Recipient: 

Central Processing – Cheri Fleegle

District 1

30-Year Recipients:

Chambersburg – Judith Horst; East York – David Barber

10-Year Recipients:

East York – Lynn Gromling, Susan Hoke; Lititz – Emily Hackman; Martinsburg – Kristen Fisher

District 2

30-Year Recipients:

Shamokin Dam – April Stahl, Mary Graybill, Shirley Mull

20-Year Recipients:

Duncansville – Joy Gentry; Williamsport – Marcia Mitchelltree, Wendy Schaeffer;   Elizabethtown – Ruth Mumma, William Price

10-Year Recipients:

Duncansville – Jennifer Barnard; Williamsport – Jennifer Snyder; Elizabethtown – Jennifer Hoffman, Keith Shearer; Leesport – Ida Lisko

District 3

30-Year Recipient:

Dubois – Carol Donahue

20-Year Recipients:

Indiana – Dana Baker; Richland – Jeffrey Miller; St. Mary’s - Andrew MacWilliams

10-Year Recipients:

Dubois – Gail Fairman; State College – Jay Hodges, Christine Roland; Indiana - Monica Truitt; Somerset – Luke Younkin; St. Mary’s – Pamela Forster, Jacqueline Mongerson, Christine Steele, Cheryl Zimmerman

District 4

30-Year Recipient:

Cranberry – Jeff Stephenson

20-Year Recipients:

Cranberry – Anthony Deeter, Shawn Dinger, Connie McMunn;  Erie – Maggie Figueroa;  Murrysville – Kristen Metcalfe; Belle Vernon – Amy Topole;  Grove City – Barbara McConnell, James Perry

10-Year Recipients:

Cranberry – Cheryl Brown, Nicole Englert,  Allison McMunn;  Erie – Cheryl Gibbens; Meadville – Samantha Rickel; Grove City – JoAnn Randolph

District 5

30-Year Recipients:

Bedford – Cindy Otto, Mary Spangler; Mechanicsburg – Diane Barber

20-Year Recipients:

Huntingdon – Darla Yocum; Lewistown – Tami Shawver

10-Year Recipients:

Bedford – Stephanie Leydig; Carlisle – Julie Wineman; Lewistown – Larry Swartz


10-Year Recipients:

Marzoni’s DV – Nicole Hemminger; Marzoni’s GW – Eve Campbell

Shamokin Dam Honors Shirley Mull

On Sunday, January 17, Shamokin Dam Hoss's presented Shirley Mull with flowers and a cake. Shirley has been named District 2's Eagle Leader of the Year! Congratulations!

Shirley Mull

Eagle Leaders Recognized

Congratulations to the following District Eagle Leaders!

Eugene Lizardi
Eugene Lizardi, Marzoni's Selinsgrove

Ernie Wilt
Ernie Wilt, HFX

West York Ugly Sweater Contest
by Angela Kuhn

To help everybody get in the spirit of Christmas, West York Hoss's held an Ugly Sweater Contest on December 19. Deanna Porter came up with the idea, and it was a lot of fun! Tara Hood won first place and received a small prize. Second place, the first loser, was myself, Angela Kuhn!

Below is a picture of all of the employees that participated in their ugly sweaters!

York West Ugly Sweaters  

Bottom Row (left to right): Jordan, Missy Kline, Deanna Porter
Middle Row (left to right):  Stephenie Harrison, Alexis Miller, Allegra
Back Row (left to right):  Angela Kuhn, Eric Spahr, Candy Martin, Colton Gautier, Tara Hood

Carol Myers Retires
by Andy Todd, Assistant Manager at Mechanicsburg

Carol Myers RetirementOn December 30, 2015, one of our long-time salad bar employees, Carol Myers, retired. We threw a great party in celebration that included cake, presents, and a dancing Elvis bear.

Carol started working for us in November of 1998 and has had a hand in training many, if not most, of our salad bar employees.

We wanted to thank Carol for her years of hard work and loyalty towards our company, and we wish her the very best in her retirement!


Couple Celebrates 62nd Anniversary at Mechanicsburg Hoss's
by Andy Todd, Assistant Manager

Max and Arlene Kretzing came in on December 26 to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary! The Kretzings have been eating at Hoss's for nearly 30 years and have had three of their grandchildren work for our company.

They thoroughly enjoyed time eating with their family and even shared a story from their first visit to Hoss's (in Bedford in 1987). Our staff made their special day even brighter  by singing and bringing out a milkshake for them to share.

Max and Arlene Kretzing

We wish them many more years of love and happiness together and thank them for their continued patronage.

Brittany Rife, Hoss Hero
By Andy Gibbs, General Manager at Hanover

Brittany RifeOn December 14, as Brittany Rife, one of our greeters in Hanover, was leaving for work, she looked over into her neighbor's yard and saw her neighbor, an 80-year-old woman who lives alone, laying motionless.

Brittany, a nursing student, rushed over and found her unresponsive and not breathing. Brittany restored the woman's breathing with CPR. Brittany then called 911, and the woman was then  taken to the hospital. She is ok now and back home!

Hats off to you, Brittany! Hossome job!

Campbell University Class #1 Graduates
by Pam Weakland

Well, it’s official! The first, yes I said first, class of Campbell U graduated on Friday, December 4, 2015.  Not only was this the kick off class of Campbell University, but it now incorporates both concepts of Hoss’s and Marzoni’s and includes managers at all levels - department, salaried, and hourly Assistant Managers.

Campbell University Class #1

It was  a very full week for the class with a full agenda and working on class projects researching PCI Compliance and how we can better educate and communicate with our employees, researching origins of our menu items and how to answer many guest questions, and also researching effective methods of attracting crew members and working on a new information piece to be used in your communities to entice good hires!

Wow, like I said, it was an awesome week making friendships and making sure they made their mark as Class #1. Congratulations to Campbell U Class #1. We wish you much success in your future!!!!

Farewell Party For Trevor McCrady

On Sunday, December 20, the Enola Team said farewell to General Manager, Trevor McCrady. Trevor worked for Hoss's for 22 years. Good luck on your next endeavor, Trevor!

Trevor McCrady Farewell

Duncansville Hosser Named 2015 Runner of the Year

Brad Foust, cook at Duncansville Hoss's, was recently named 2015 Runner of the Year!

Click here to read about this prestigous award. Congratulations, Brad!

Brad Foust

Erie Celebrates Special Guest's Birthday
by Ashley Hayes, Assistant Manager

Jax Stone was a regular guest of ours. He was a 9-year-old boy who passed away from DIPG brain cancer (highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors) on July 27, 2014. The week of his passing, local businesses in the Erie area came together to raise money for his family. We held two Community Nights for him that week. November 11 would have been his 11th birthday, and the past two years, his family and friends have come in to celebrate his birthday with us!

Marzoni's Heroes
by Anthony Benfatti, Assistant Manager at Scranton

We recently had a vehicle of travelers stop in our parking lot seeking help.  The son came in and asked if anyone knew CPR because his father was dying or dead.  

Two of our hostesses, Kayla Filingo and Adaria Lingham, leapt to the man's aid. Kayla, a nursing student at the area CTC, and Adaria, with military background, started chest compressions and pulse monitoring while someone in their party dialed 911.  Jackie Wheeler, also a nursing student at a local college, ran outside to assist her other teammates.  They brought the man back as the ambulance arrived to take over. 

Marzoni's Heroes
L-R: Kayla Filingo, Adaria Lingham, & Jackie Wheeler

The girls went back to work, after a brief break, like it was all in a day’s work! We are very blessed to have them on our team. They are true heroes.

Lobsterfest for MS 2015
by Nancy Campbell

In its 15th year, Lobsterfest for MS 2015 was the most successful event we have ever had. On Friday, September 25, nearly 550 people attended, enjoying food, drink, music, and auctions at the Bavarian Hall in Altoona, PA. We actually had to turn people away because we sold out of tickets a week prior to the event.  Many Hoss’s family members participated in this large local fundraiser which benefits the Keystone Branch of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Hoss’s is one of the major sponsors.  I can’t imagine this event ever happening without the wonderful Hoss’s volunteers who help to make it such a success.

Attendees enjoyed a great meal of either a whole Maine lobster or a Hoss’s filet mignon, complete with steamed shrimp, salads, appetizers, and desserts.  Music for dancing, silent and live auctions are also a big part of the evening’s festivities.  Many Hoss’s family members, friends, and vendors helped by donating product and auction items, by buying tickets, and by volunteering their time and talents.  There are lots of other volunteers from the community, but the Hoss’s crew helps in every aspect of this event including organizing, decorating, preparing and serving the wonderful meals, and then cleaning up after the event.  Many in the community tell us that this is one fundraiser folks truly look forward to attending.

While I co-chair this event with my very good friend and former Hoss’s Manager, Donna Bon, there are many other Hoss’s family members who deserve the credit for their total dedication to this event year in and year out. Hoping that I have not forgotten anyone, I wish to thank the following Hossers (including former Hossers) for all that they did this year. Special thanks to Dan and Donna Bon, Bob and Karen Pleva, Bill and Julie Bratton, John and Rhonda Brown, Mark Spinazzola, Bill Campbell,  Phil Sukenik, Pam Weakland, Dave Decker, Chip Gapshes, Rob Billet, Ann McKay, Tami Smith, Troy Horner, Pat Imler, Rich Hollingshead, Amy Topole, Nancy Homan, Jenn and Sean Neff, Barb and Rocky Rhodes, Mark Ritko, Tom and Cynthia Smith, Billie Jo and Jake Walls, Krista Soellner, Dan and Valerie Vandrew,  Patty Morgan, Ryan Mazoff, Dan Mutter, Petie Albright, Dawn Baier, Rebecca Moorehead, Tim Schmuck, Bridget Chesnut and Betsy (Hoover) Lehman. (Quite a list, isn't it? Now you can see what I mean about all of the Hoss's help.)   

People who work with the Hoss’s crew are always so complimentary of their enthusiasm and dedication.  They are a great group to work with and always have a lot of fun at whatever task they are asked to do. (I have a great appreciation for some of our DMs and others who spend most of their evening cleaning lobsters.  It is such a hot, dirty, smelly job, but they always do it with smiles on their faces.)  All of the Hossers at this event are very special to me.

At this year's event we had more sponsors than ever before, more and better auction items and more people in attendance, so I am sure we made more money than ever before.  While the final accounting is not yet complete, I am confident that we netted more than $45,000 for this very worthy cause. All of the proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society which is a non-profit organization working to find a cure for this debilitating disease that effects so many of our loved ones. The National MS Society is dedicated to serving the needs of people with MS and their families. We look forward to the day when a cure is found and events such as this are no longer necessary.

Anniversary Couple Dines At Huntingdon

Huntingdon Anniversary CoupleThis picture is of our most loyal guests who come into our Huntingdon location almost every single day for dinner.  When we have our weekend breakfast buffet, they are in around 8 a.m. for it and back for dinner around 4 p.m.

Yesterday was their 64th wedding anniversary, and they came here for dinner.  The servers set up the table, signed the tablecloth, and presented them with a special cake.  Our management staff picked up the check in honor of the special occasion. Congratulations to Bud and Lillian!

District 1 Softball Tournament

By Troy Horner, District Manager

On Thursday, July 30, about 65 people from District 1 got together for the district’s annual softball tournament.  The tournament drew about 40 spectators as well that took in multiple games of the action. Six stores were represented from the district which made a total of five teams.  Even our trusty HVAC service man, Bill Randt, was there and played. 

Chambersburg Wins
Chambersburg Team With Championship Trophy!

In the end, Chambersburg brought home the championship trophy going 4-0 on the day.  Lititz came in second.  Every team was able to get a win, and the question we kept hearing over and over when everyone was leaving the ball park was “We are going to do this again next year, right?” 

Click here for more pictures from the tournament.

St. Marys Hosser Raises Funds For Alzheimer's
By Christy Steele, General Manager

I would like to recognize Pam Forster, server at St. Marys Hoss’s, for holding a Community Night Fundraiser a couple of weeks ago to benefit a cure for Alzheimer’s.

She not only held the community night here, but she also had a bake sale and a yard sale and is now donating over $3,000 to the association.

The management and crew of St. Marys are very proud of Pam for all of her hard work and accomplishments!

Hosser Returns From Military Tour

Courtney Richwine
Courtney (Richwine) Adams, Hoss'pitality Specialist at Hummelstown Hoss's, was overseas in Iraq, Kuwait, and Erbil for 10 months serving her first military tour. She was in charge of our soldiers' incoming and outgoing paperwork and their gear. 

Courtney was welcomed home by her friends and family on August 12, and most importantly, her two-year-old daughter, Kennedy!

Courtney's mom, Tiffany Petroff, is a server at our Lititz location.


Gettysburg Hossers Are State Softball Champs

Sandoe's Softball team which includes General Manager, Michele Taylor, Assistant Manager, Crystal Heller, and employee, Sam Starner all from our Gettysburg location recently competed in the ASA PA State Playoffs and also the USSSA MD State Playoffs.

They finished 5th in the PA State Playoffs which has qualified them for the National Playoffs to be held in Salem, Virginia. Their team went undefeated in the Maryland State Playoffs capturing the State Championship. This championship qualifies them for The World Playoffs in Orlando, FL. Michele Taylor was also 1 of 5 to receive The All State Player Award.

GT Softball Champs

Hoss U Class #89 Graduates!
by Pam Weakland

Moving forward, ever changing, and being the best describes our company and Class #89 of Hoss University.  Class 89 spent the week of June 8-12, 2015, learning many new things, meeting new friends, and finding support to help them grow and answer questions.

This group was a fantastic group of very creative individuals that presented ideas on recruiting, hiring, and keeping the best talent for our company to move it forward in the future as their class project. 

In keeping with that theme, we did announce that they were the last class of Hoss University. We will be changing to Campbell U beginning with the next class.  With our growth and expansion, it seemed only fitting to change it up!  So, congratulations to Class 89 and much success with your future! 

Hoss U 89
Front Row L-R: Billie Jo Brzenski - Marzoni’s SC; Jenna Carlson - Marzonis DV; Shelby Knepper - MB32, Tiffany Brooks - MC18; Rodney Bond - WL13
Back Row L-R: Charles Sandy - RT40, Dave Bixler - HM28, Tom Stark - MR20, Brad Malenich - IN11, Jase Opperman - GT29, Jesse Bechtold - MD19, Nick Munoz - GC43

Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K

Jeff Stephenson


Jeff Stephenson, General Manager of Cranberry, ran in a 5K on June 13, 2015.

The race was to honor of a state police officer who was killed while on a call a few years ago. Hoss's is proud to be one of the sponsors of the race.

Jeff finished 30th out of 125! His daughter also ran and finished 31st out of 125.




Annville Team Participates In The Gretna Gritty 5K Mud Run

A team of Hossers from Annville recently participated in the Gretna Gritty 5K Mud Run 2015! Deb Lehman (General Manager), Lauren Bomberger (Assistant Manager), Michelle White (Assistant Manager), and Katie Albert (Server) were up for the challenge this year.

Mud Run

Mud Run

Mud Run

Mother's Day Monday Moms

Click here to see photos from Mother's Day Monday, 2015!

Hoss U Class #88 Graduates!
by Pam Weakland

February 23 through 27, 2015, was an outstanding week. Why?  Because Class #88 of Hoss University spent the week learning, sharing, making relationships, and sharing their talents and ideas. 

This class had a lot of personality and during graduation, the class shared some of their highlights from the week. They found the class has an outdoorsman, an athlete, a mother, a nerd, an independent, and a newlywed.  Each class is given a class project to work on as a group and then do a presentation at graduation.  Class 88 was given the task to research the web site and our application process for flexibility, ease of use, and to market Hoss’s and Marzoni’s as the place to work.  The class did an outstanding job, and I believe we will see some of their ideas put into use. 

In the  class’s words, “We have not only gained new friends, but we have gained new coworkers, new teachers, and new motivators!”  Congratulations and much success in the future!

Hoss U 88

L-R: Jason Solomon - Huntingdon; Chevy Walters - Mechanicsburg; Jill Bohensky - DuBois; Brenda Kosciolek - Carlisle; James Stahl - Williamsport; Ben Tawney - Grove City; Rhonda Burton - DuBois, Emily Wendt - Marzoni’s Selinsgrove; Sue Munshour - Hanover; Tammy Josselyn - Greensburg; John Wiker - Belle Vernon


Bedford Celebrates!

The Bedford management team and key leaders recently celebrated winning a contest in District 5 for having the highest increase in dollars over the previous year.  Cyrus Notestine, GM at Lewistown, covered the shift in Bedford so all could enjoy.

Bedford Managers

Front Row: Cindy Oldham, Debra Perrin, Julie Kopp, Tami Smith
Back Row: Jay Petrou, Bob Pleva, Devin Rush, Dominic Regos, Tracey Baumgardner

Wellness Family Feud

A Family Feud Game was held at the Corporate Meeting on February 5 to promote wellness awareness.

Ann McKay and her District 4 Managers was the winning team! Congratulations!

Click here to view pictures from the game.

Hoss Hero - Lori Weaver, Gettysburg
by Michele Taylor, General Manager

Lori WeaverOn behalf of Gettysburg Hoss’s, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Lori Weaver.  On Friday, February 6, Lori performed the Heimlich Maneuver to save a chocking guest in the dining room. 

The guest completely stopped coughing and lost the ability to breath, and as her table yelled for help, Lori ran to be of assistance.  Lori is a preschool teacher and holds a certification in CPR and First Aid.  After several attempts, Lori was able to dislodge the item.

Her heroic deed didn’t go unnoticed as she was in front of a very full dining room that shared their gratitude towards her. We are very proud to have Lori on our team and thank her for her heroic deed.

Happy Valentine's Day From Cressona!

Valentine's Day At Cressona

Congratulations, Carol "Pinky" Donahue!

Pinky Donahue

Pinky has been a server at DuBois Hoss's for 29 years!

Lab Rescue
by Bob Pleva

A short time ago my daughter, Jill, brought home a female black Labrador Retriever to meet our three Labrador grand-dogs, Pete, Frank and Grace. She was a breeder dog and was sent from Philadelphia to our local animal shelter. She had no name, and we decided to call her Bailey. We realized after the first couple of days that we should have named her Houdini after she escaped from her cage, opened the lid on the treat bin, ate a jar of peanuts and the chicken bones left in the garbage can. She obviously had a cast iron stomach and was also very intelligent. She looked chunky from having all of those pups, but we were surprised at her speed and agility on our walks with her and the other dogs.

Lab Rescue
Left to right: Bailey, Frank, Pete, and Grace

After about a month of fostering her, she was adopted by a family in New Jersey not far from where she had been living. The Lab Rescue group has volunteers that meet along the way to complete each leg of the journey. Pretty cool. We set out early Sunday morning to meet our Harrisburg connection named Danny. He was pacing around his car when we arrived and was concerned about the weather forecast. We told him it was no problem and that the storm was coming from the west and wouldn’t hit here until later that evening. Little did we know until we got a text as we were heading home that roads in Philadelphia and New Jersey were all closed due to a major ice storm that came up the coast and wreaked havoc on the region.

With major traffic accidents and travel restrictions Bailey may have been returned to us if they couldn’t find a place for her to stay. Fortunately, four volunteers along the way offered to take her in for the night. Even more amazing was that the adopting family from New Jersey managed to get to their destination to pick up Bailey! They took her home and they lived happily ever after. The end.

Carol Saxton To Retire

General Manager from DuBois, Carol Saxton, will be retiring from Hoss’s at the end of December.  DuBois recently had a surprise get together for Carol! 

Carol Saxton

Congratulations, Carol, and thank you for all of your contributions to Hoss’s!

Home Office Hossers Participate in Turkey Trot

On Saturday, November 29, a few Home Office Staff members participated in the Hollidaysburg YMCA Perry Wellington 4.5 mile Turkey Trot Race and 2 mile Walk.

Phil Sukenik, Carl Swope, and Allen Hainsey ran the 4.5 mile race, and Ken Swope participated in the 2 mile walk. Congratulations to Ken for receiving the Gold Medal for his age group!

       Allen Hainsey              Ken Swope

Veteran's Day At Chambersburg
by Kyle Coons, Assistant Manager

Here at Chambersburg, for this Veteran's Day, we wanted to make sure we acknowledged every veteran that chose to dine with us.  We gave them the opportunity to sign their name, branch of service, and the years that they served onto a poster board.  They absolutely loved this, creating some great conversations between different generations.  

The crew could not have been happier to say "Thank you" to these great men and women, making Veteran's Day one of the most anticipated and best days to give back to the community.

Chambersburg Veterans Day

Grove City Creation

Check out this very unique creation made by Grove City Hoss's with our mints!

Hoss Candy

Carl Raup Completes Baltimore Marathon

Carl RaupCongratulations to Carl Raup for completing the Baltimore Marathon last weekend!

Carl is 61 years old, and he finished in less than 4 hours! Wow, what an accomplishment!! Great job, Carl!


Hoss U Class #87 Graduates
by Pam Weakland

"Oh, what a week!" is how I began the graduation ceremonies for Class #87 of Hoss University on Friday, September 12, 2014.  This was one of the largest classes we have had in a very long time. It was a great week with 10 new Assistant Managers and 6 Department Managers meeting faces and learning a lot of details to help with their management duties. 

During the week, the group worked together on two class projects which you may be seeing in Hossland soon!  It is wonderful to see a new group of leaders with such passion and determination.  Good Luck to all and Congratulations!

Hoss U 87

Back L-R:  James Rush #31-LT, James Armstrong #17-ER, Devin Rush #09-BD, Bill Horne #12-CB, Josh Hinton #11-IN, Tricia Fogle #20-MR, Lindsay Masi #17-ER, Patricia Beightol #19-MD

Front L-R:  John Price #05-SC, Christie Pleger #12-CB, Chad Whitehead #05-SC, Laura Middlekauff #04-CH, Alex Delozier #201-MZ DV, Jen Bonneau #27-LZ, Miranda Shaw #203-MZ GW, Dawn Hartman #26-ST

Lindsay Truesdale - Hoss Hero

Lindsay Tuesdale, server from Hummelstown, recently became a Hoss Hero when she saved a child who was choking.  Thank you, Lindsay, for springing into action to help a guest in need.

Lindsay Truesdale

St. Marys Crew Enjoys Treat For Charity

August 14th was Miracle Blizzard Day at Dairy Queen, and the crew at Hoss's put in an order for about a dozen blizzards to cool down and support the cause. $1 or more from every Blizzard® Treat purchased at participating DQ® stores have been donated to the local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® to help children in need. Visit to learn more.

Pictured below are some of the crew members enjoying their blizzards.

St. Marys Blizzards

Jeff Stephenson Runs 5K Muddy Run

On July 26, 2014, Jeff Stephenson, General Manager at Cranberry, participated in a 5K Muddy Run. The run raised money for Alzheimer's. Jeff, his daughter, and eight other family members ran to honor Jeff's father who had Alzheimer's and passed away a few months ago. Jeff's father was also a runner well into his 60s. Jeff finished 9th out of 400!

Jeff Stephenson

Hoss’s Wellness Challenge – The Biggest Loser
by Brenda Oakes, Benefits Manager

Hoss’s has always had an important part in communicating wellness to our employees.  We want to give our employees the tools to live healthier lives.  Our company works closely with Highmark, our insurance broker, Seubert, and Lytle Behavior to develop fun and feasible ways to bring wellness into their lives. 

Over the past ten weeks, we had a Wellness Challenge.  Employees voluntarily enrolled and paid a $10 entrance fee.  Over the weeks, there were challenges that they had to complete.  Calling a health coach two times over the period of time earned them 20 points and if they lost or maintained weight or exercised they received points.  Each employee was responsible to enter their points.

At the end of the challenge, if a person reached 40+ points they were entered in a drawing.  The winnings were $290 dollars, and Hoss’s matched the amount and would donate it to a charity of the winner’s choice.  The drawing was held at the Corporate Meeting on July 23.  We had six employees that reached the 40+ points and were entered into the drawing.  They were Betty Duncan from Shamokin Dam, Julie Lohsl from Marzoni’s GW, Tami Smith from Corporate Office, DeAnna Oakes from Central Processing, Chris Reigel from Lititz, and Christy Steele from St. Marys.  The winner was Tami Smith, and her charity was Dreams Go On Therapeutic Horseback Riding.   

Lewistown's Unsung Hero, Carli Boreman
by Dan Isenberg, General Manager

Carli BoremanSunday evening (Father's Day), a family of about 14 diners became alarmed when their littlest member, an infant of several months, began to convulse. In the next few frantic minutes, the baby turned blue and was not breathing.

In all of the confusion, their server, Carli Boreman, instinctively took charge. She immediately blew directly on the baby, which seemed to jumpstart the infant. Because the baby was now breathing, the family declined to perform additional CPR as one of the family members was calling 911.

By this time, I was able to reach their table to see a now non-responsive infant with a very gray body color. Assessing the situation quickly, I heard the EMS unit responding on a nearby scanner. I was amazed to see Carli still in complete control, running her fingers over the baby's chest to stimulate the child as everyone stood back and watched. The baby began regaining color and now had her eyes opened; she was watching Carli talking softly to her.

The baby continued to close her eyes, but Carli would immediately speak quietly but firmly to her as she continued the gentle massage. In the next few minutes, we saw the baby's color return fully, and finally she left out a cry that every mother knows, meaning she was now breathing freely.

The EMS response was great. They examined her, and with the parents' permission, took the little one to the hospital. Carli found a quiet place to sit down and reflect as her emotions finally overwhelmed her.

We received a call from the family several hours later to tell us that the baby was doing well but would remain in observation as they ran tests to determine a possible cause.

Carli will tell you she only did what anyone else would do, but it was Carli that did it, and the child is fine today!

#21-Belle Vernon Hoss Heroes
by Heather Smith, Assistant Manager

On June 16 around 6:00 p.m., we had a guest who choked on her meal. Her name is Ms. Baker. One of our servers, Erick Adams, was dining with us in the booth next to her. When Erick realized she was choking, he sprang into action and performed the Heimlich Manuever, saving Ms. Baker. One of our other employees, Anna Vasquez, who was also dining with us sprang into action to assist and call 911. These two employees are true Hoss Heroes!

Erik Adams
Erick Adams
Anna Vasquez
Anna Vasquez

Steve McIlveen Runs 5K

Steve McIlveen, General Manager at our Richland Township location, competed in a 5K Saturday, June 28. He came in 1st place with a time of 24.00 in the 41-49 age group and 8th overall. The race benefited the Rockwood Rotary.

Congratulations, Steve!

Mark ShrefflerHuntingdon Welcomes Mark Shreffler

On Sunday, June 29, Huntingdon Hoss's held an all-store meeting to welcome their new General Manager, Mark Shreffler.

Congratulations, Mark!





Home Office Hossers Participate in 5K/Walk

The 17th Annual John Healy Memorial Race was held on June 18th on the Lower Trail in Williamsburg, PA.  Since the beginning, Hoss's has supported the event which raises money for the ongoing maintenance of the popular bike trail.

This year, as always, the Hoss's family supported the event through their volunteer efforts and participation.

John Healy Race 2014
Pictured from left to right: Karen Pleva, Bob Pleva, Lori Clauto, Sara Clauto, Phil Sukenik, Tami Smith, and Alyssa Smith

Districts 3 & 4 Input/Feedback Meeting

On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, Districts 3 & 4 held an Input/Feedback Meeting at DuBois Hoss's. Below is a a listing of those that attended and a photo of the group. Thank you all for your valuable input.

Kelly Divins - DB03; Raisa Nixon - SC05; Diane White - AL06; Matt Topole - GB08; Jody Galore - IN11; Christie Pleger - CB12; Jim Armstrong - ER17; Patricia Beightol - Meadville; Kristin Metcalfe - MR20; Dennis Evans - BV21; Val Henning - ST26; Abby Massimo - RT40; Hailey Lanzilatti - GC43; Cheryl Zimmerman - SM48.

D3 & D4 Input/Feedback

Hossome Runners!

On Sunday, June 1, Phil Sukenik, VP Human Resources, ran in the "Johnstown Path of the Flood" half marathon. Below he is approaching the finish line!

Phil Sukenik

Troy Horner, District Manager, recently ran in the Gettysburg Marathon. His son, Josh, joined him the last three miles to the finish!

Troy and Josh Horner

Thank you for setting a good example for wellness!

#31-Lewistown Crew - Prom

Below are Lewistown employees who stopped in to eat at Hoss's on their way to prom.

LT31 Prom
From left to right: Erika Haines, Ryan Marshall,
Emily Boyd, and Jessica Stoner-Wagner

Ashlynn Soellner, US Naval Officer

Ashlynn SoellnerOn May 23, 2014, Ashlynn Megan Soellner was commissioned as a Naval Officer for the United States Navy.

Ensign Soellner will begin serving our great country first in Norfolk, VA, and in October, she will report to Mayport, FL. On December, 12, Ashlynn will have her first deployment on the LSD, Fort McHenry.

Ashlynn worked at Duncansville Hoss's for several years. Proud parents are Dave and Krista Soellner, and grandparents are Bill and Nancy Campbell.

Congratulations, Ashlynn, on all of your achievements, and thank you for your service to our country!

Hoss's Team Runs 5K

Team members from Lititz, York East, and Cressona Hoss's recently ran in a 5K "Race Against Racism."

Team members included: Chris Reigel - Lititz; Megan Reigel - East York; Amy Reigel - Chris and Megan's daughter; Raechel Hiatt - Lititz; Mikayla Hiatt - Raechel's daughter; Jay Kinyanjui - Lititz; Kylie Hershey - Lititz; Alicia Grim - East York; Tiffany Petroff - Lititz; Dani Herr - Lititz; James Kane - Cressona.

James Kane was the big winner with the fastest time!

Race For Racism

Bedford Crew Helps Julie Celebrate!

Here Julie Kopp's Team celebrates her Manager of the Year Win! Congratulations, Julie!

Bedford Celebrates

Bedford Celebrates

Lewistown Attends Kid Connection
by Stephenie Luke, Associate Manager

On Saturday April 26, Dani Rittenhouse, Shannon Kauffman (inside the Hossman), and myself attended Kid Connection. They shut down the streets of Lewistown and local businesses set up kid friendly crafts and activities.

The Hossman was lucky enough to get his picture taken with Smokey the Bear and two local radio mascots, the Merf Dog and the WCHX Chicken.

LT31Kid ConnectionLT31 Kid Connection

Celebrity Visits Martinsburg Hoss's

Travis Bagent, from the show "Game of Arms" on AMC, is pictured here with Assistant Manager, Kristen Fisher. Travis posed for a few pictures with Kristen and the crew after he finished off a Hoss Ribeye.

Game of Arms

Bedford Employee Utilizes Safety Gear

Below is a photo of Jared Baker from Bedford Hoss's wearing proper safety gear! Way to go, Jared!

Jared Baker

Bill Glacken - Hoss Hero

Bill GlackenRecently, Duncansville General Manager, Bill Glacken, successfully performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a gentleman who was choking. It was later learned that the man's blood pressure crashed and caused him to choke on the food he was eating.

Thank you, Bill, for springing into action to help a guest in need!

Lewistown Hoss's Raises Funds for Juniata Terrace Fire Victims

A Community Night was recently held at Lewistown Hoss's to benefit the victims of the Juniata Terrace Fire.

In addition to the Community Night, employees made baked goods for a bake sale. Altogether, the store was able to raise over $3,000! Congratulations, and thank you for all of your hard work to help those in need!

Stephenie and Beth
Beth Reesman and Stephenie Luke

Districts 2 & 5 Input/Feedback Meeting

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Districts 2 & 5 held an Input/Feedback Meeting at Hummelstown Hoss's. Below is a a listing of those that attended and a photo of the group. Thank you all for your valuable input.

District 2: O1-DV Mike Imler; 10-SD Mike Griner; 13-WL Aaron Dunlap; 37-ET Brad Schaefer; 42-AV Fay Simmons; 46-CS Jenn Cinelli; 47-LP Zach Schlottman

District 5: 09-BD Tawnya McClucas; 18-MC Gabby Stetts; 23-CR Jen Bailey; 24-HT Becky Diggins; 28-HM Melanie Kline; 31-LT Michelle Royer; 49-EN Nate Zook

D2 & D5 Input Feedback